AC Solenoid bracket for Speed Demon 750?

Fuel and Air Systems

  1. fmahannah

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    Sep 25, 2014
    North Georgia
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    2:04 PM
    Thanks to the folks here on the forum I now have my AC working and my Speed Demon plumbed to the factory steel line. But now I have another issue I need help with.

    I had a throttle kick up bracket from my street demon that worked fine, but it won't mount to the Speed Demon. I have also tried all the brackets available for holleys and none of them work because the accelerator pump arm is in the way as well as the throttle linkage itself. Holley 20-47 really looked like it would work but not only hits the accelerator pump arm but is also in the way of the throttle linkage coming all the way back to the closed position.

    Does anyone make an ac idle kickup bracket that will actually mount on a speed demon?

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