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Aftermarket Stereo Ideas?


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Feb 6, 2012
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I recently put one of those custom auto sound radio type deals in my 69 road runner and and disappointed with it.

Looking for something with more power. Getting my stock one rebuilt is a long wait list

Anyone hide a aftermarket stereo in their glove box or under the dash?
I just bring my kid along. He has some little car tire speaker he has hooked to blue tooth through his phone and he plays music off Spotify. I swear that little speaker sounds as good as any old home entertainment system from the 80'/90's. Remember those, everyone had them, but no one really ever used them.....
i have one from custom autosound/classic car stereo for my 73 Charger and i love it..
I plan on doing the restomod thing to all my original radios. However, until they're all completed, I have been using a JBL Flip 5 bluetooth speaker to listen to Sirius/XM and whatever else I want from my phone. Best part is that I can use it any car with no set-up time. This route buys you time to have your radio done, as you mentioned.
I have a pioneer tuner with cd mounted under my passenger seat. I operate it using a remote control. I also have a trunk mounted amp with 6x9 infinity kappa speakers. Sounds great for what it is. I burned a couple of cd's with 100 songs on each. I also use spotify but don't have bluetooth on the tuner so I added one of t the cigarette lighter bt transmitters with double usb charger. I can also plug into accessory port with My phone or mp3 player. If had to do it all over I would upgrade the tuner (I like Pioneer) with bt and usb capability so I could play 1000's of songs via thumb drive and spotify via my phone.
I also went custom auto sound (well in my 68 Camaro anyway) for retro look and was audio disappointed. Then I added a passive graphic equalizer in the glove box that leads to trunk mounted Kenwood amp and some Rockford Fosgate 6x9's. That really woke it up where I can say I'm happy and rocking it. Try that before kicking it to the curb. You really need external amp anyway if you want legit power. I don't know what it is with head units in general but they all claim good watts but rarely deliver without another amp.
^^^^ This.
Add power if you need more power. Any head-unit will only get you so far. I put one in my 67 R/T, I think it does pretty well for what it is.
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