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Air tool Storage


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FBBO Gold Member
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7:11 AM
Aug 21, 2009
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Pittsburgh, PA
What do you guys use, or how do you store your air tools?
shelf, cabinet, DIY, PVC pipe, aluminum? I'm leaning toward buying a bunch of male quick connect and screwing them, under a shelf.
For now i use this i bought it but easy to make.
I keep them in the large bottom drawer of my tool box. There is really only three I use anymore. The DA, die grinder, and right angle grinder. Although I will replace the grinders with M12's soon. They all just take up space these days with the battery stuff stepping up to the plate and no hose to drag around.
Piece of angle iron with some holes drilled in it... Freed up space in the tool box for other stuff..

I added a shelf under my roll around tool cart.That way they are with in reach when needed.
I store some in a drawer, most on the edge of a shelf.
But I also run a little air tool oil in them first and I have air fitting caps that go over the bare end when not in use. Keeps anything from getting into the tool.