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Anodized trim restore??


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Jan 2, 2011
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new jersey
I have 2 18" and 1 12" piece of my side trim that I need to have restored to match NOS pieces.
Who does trim restoration and anodizing now a days???
Thanks in advance

molding rash1.JPG

molding rash2.JPG

molding rash3.JPG

molding rash4.JPG
Thanks Brett I just left him a message and sent him an email!
Ive used Special Ts a few times in the past.
not the cheapest, or fastest, but I have to say I was never disappointed.
We have conversed by email but I haven't gotten any type of quote or time-line from him yet.
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I've emailed twice with him but haven't gotten any type of quote or time-line from him yet.
I wouldn't worry it's only been an hour or so plus most of these guys are a one man band these days as they are incredibly busy as many don't do this work anymore...
I hope you are refering to past emails. My customers wait 5 months to hear from me if they email me in May for the past 18 years.
See above I reworded my post, I'm not a BB to people.
Charger Metals In Philadelphia did my headlight surrounds for 67 Coronet. Did a nice job restoring and polishing, he sends the parts out for anodizing. I was happy with the work.
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