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Any Jeep folks here?


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Dec 3, 2020
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western Maryland
I know...and I'll sign up for wranglerforum here soon. But, thought i'd ask the B-body crowd if there were any TJ Jeepers out there. Just picked up a rock-solid '06 with the 4.0 and a 6 speed stick. Hard top, full doors, bone stock except for 31x10.5's and a crappy aftermarket radio. It's red...not my favorite, but given the low miles (99k), rock-solid frame and floors, and decent price...I'll live with the red. One owner Jeep, one accident in '07 (right front, set off the bags but I couldn't find any frame damage, only sheetmetal and paint), and that's it.

SO much nicer than my old '92 YJ (soft top, half doors, leaf sprung).

I found the fuse for the door switch dome light override - now my lights come on when I open the doors. Got sockets for the front sidemarker lights, they work now. Put struts on the back window and it doesn't smack my head anymore. Brakes are new all around. Clutch is new. Carpet (cheap aftermarket) is new - it'll stay through winter, then I'm getting the interior line-x'd. Needs roll bar padding, and a bluetooth radio. Already ordered LED headlights (good lord, I forgot how much sealed-beam lights SUCK). Debating aux lights; bumpers; different flares; tires (the 31's look like balloons and they sing like CRAZY on the road)...added some 5/16" spacers on the front wheels to fight the full-lock rub for now, until I get either skinnier tires (stock were 225/75-15), or wheels with a better offset for the 10.5's. I hear some gear noise, especially throttle on/off transitions in second and third (before the wind noise starts) so its' gonna get all new fluids (diffs, trans, transfer). I know the six speed needs a different fluid than the 5 speeds; I wonder if it has the wrong juice in it so I'll just change it all "so I know". It shifts like butter, tons of power, not a hiccup or a tic out of the motor...

...Because I needed another money pit...

But, living on the mountain...this is the best answer for "I want a convertible". Year round use, fun, and a definite easy gift-giving list for all my friends. Not sure what to get me for whatever (birthday, Christmas, etc) holiday? Just come look at the running list on the fridge LOL.

Quadratec...here I come!

Jeeps are Mopars too. I have an XJ '95.
sigh.... All my XJs are gone now. I kind of miss them. The white 96 was still running well when I sold it with 336K miles.
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I have a 45' GPW with a 225 and an SM 420, a 75 CJ6 with a 350/th350/D300 wrangler springs, and recently inherited a 2006 unlimited (LJ) 4.0 auto. The CJ6 has yet to be fired up (long term project that got set aside). The LJ is growing on me. It drives much nicer than CJ's and/or flat fenders. I noticed on the LJ they made the windshield a pain in the butt to fold down but managed to make it leak as good as a flat fender. Progress.
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This is a 1998, got rid of it about 4 years ago.

I am a glutton for punishment. I have two '06 Liberty CRD's. Daily drivers.
Yeah, I still have (and love!) my '14 Grand Cherokee diesel. Got 27mpg last week on a trip from FL to MD!

I've had a 98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited (FUN truck!), a 91 XJ 4.0/auto, and a 92 YJ 4.0/5M.


Traded the 5.9 on my first Cummins, but LOVED that truck! Ran the YJ forever, until a buddy said he wanted to build a trail rig and threw stupid money at me for it. It was pretty stock-ish - 2" shackle lift to clear 31s, a Banks stainless exhaust (no rust!), line-x interior (no carpet, no funk), and a bestop half-top with the back seat removed, set it up like a pickup. But I always hated those damn zip-up windows. I drove the XJ till well over 300k miles on a 2" spacer lift, 30s, and nothing else...until the carpet was the only thing holding my feet up, and I blew a brake line one day...so I sold it to another buddy, for another trail rig project. Ran great...just rusted away. It was bad when I got it ($400 purchase) so all I did was try and mitigate the rot for about 12 years.

This '06, though, is ROCK-solid and I'm going to do my best to keep it that way. I'll get the drivetrain noise sorted out, and start having some fun with it. Not sure if I'll lift it - ride is SO nice, I may just leave it alone. I don't need a huge amount of ground clearance - I'm not a rock-crawler or anything like that, but it may see some trail duty, fire roads, woods...definitely snow, possibly beach...
This '06, though, is ROCK-solid and I'm going to do my best to keep it that way. I'll get the drivetrain noise sorted out, and start having some fun with it. Not sure if I'll lift it - ride is SO nice, I may just leave it alone. I don't need a huge amount of ground clearance - I'm not a rock-crawler or anything like that, but it may see some trail duty, fire roads, woods...definitely snow, possibly beach...
I had to put tires on my 06 when I got it and while researching what would fit I came across a few articles talking about some serious steering issues, similar to the Ford death wobble, that can occur with certain lifts. Not saying don't lift it, but make sure whatever you do won't cause you a lot of grief. My experience with lift kits in the past is that cheap kits will get you taller, but they rarely drive well.
Had a 98 TJ 4.0 5 speed soft top for about a year. The hardtop got messed up in an easy roll over. Anyways, had it long enough to know I never wanted another lol. Never have been much into off roading and did enough of that too to know I didn't care for it. Now doing 60 mph donuts on a nice flat beach....yup but don't think a TJ would do that too good :D
The XJ is like a 4wd sports car, that will last forever. 239,000 and still going strong. If it wont go there, you don't need to be there. I have taken it all over the southwest. The R/T, well its timeless, and a different kind of sports car.

Oh yeah... looks like you got a real nice one there. Congratulations. Best driveline option also.
If one wants a 'CJ' style Jeep - i.e. that 'style' / top comes off - the TJs are the best of the group for everyday usage/practicality imnsho. Only thing better would be an 'LJ'.
But XJs rule. :)
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My 02 TJ Just Empty Every Pocket or Just Exchange Expensive Parts
I bought new and told myself it will stay stock :rofl: Now long arm ARB's four speed atlas full cage 35's but fun
J E E P just empty every pocket! LOL We have had various Jeeps for many years, currently a '93 YJ and '13 JK. That 4.0 is the slant six of Jeep engines, they will go forever. Fesser is correct, lift them correctly with good parts or leave them alone.

Jeep (2).jpg

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Yeah, IF I lift it, it'll be a small one, like 2" spacers (keeping the stock coil spring rates), maybe some rear angle plates, longer shocks...and a 1" transfer drop if needed, and that's it.

I'm 6'4". I don't need to 'compensate' for anything by having a skycraper jeep lol. If I can get it to look good stock (or 2" up) with some nice wheels and tires, (I like the Bushwacker flat flares)...then that'll be it. Nice thing about staying under 33" tires is, I don't have to get a swing-out tire carrier - the tailgate will hold the spare just fine.

I DO need to butch up the 'secretary-special' red paint, though...flares, bumpers, wheels, something.

And then...stereo. Gotta dig up my old amps and stuff from when I sold the YJ, and put them back into use...
Nice acquisition. We have a '95 ZJ, been a daily driver for 16 years (my record). The early 6-speeds had issues. You might try finding one out of a 2004-6 or so.
My new GC 4xe ( avg 27mpg) next to my restored 75 Wagoneer w 401 ( avg 7 mpg!)
Wife has an 18 Wrangler.
We should be in a Jeep commercial.


I have a '03 Liberty Sport that has no trouble off-roading on the beach, and this '71 Jeepster Commando. The Dauntless 225 is still rocking, no idea of the miles. TH400 auto w the Dana 20. and a CJ disc front axle with 3.73's Spartan locker in the rear Dana 44. If it misbehaves, it might get a 318.
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Had a lot of jeeps, CJ7, YJ wrangler, 4 XJ’s, 3 Grand cherokees including my 21 Trailhawk. Kid built the 2000 XJ with 1 ton axles, 5 link thing drIves great. I’m going to get another XJ soon. They are getting hard to find in Phoenix anymore.