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Anybody purchased AMD valve covers??


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FBBO Gold Member
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5:08 AM
Oct 16, 2013
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Kiel Germany (back again)
Specifically I'm looking at buying a set of 70 big block valve covers. The AMD ones look nice, but I wonder if anybody has used them. What are they like for quality and fitment? Opinions please.
set I bought for a 67 gtx 440 stunk. couldn't stop leaks, shoulder area around bolt holes inconsistent and often not enough. Nice chrome, perfect for the shelf.
Dont buy them,I bought a set and regret it. Do what dadsbee said.
Bought a set for my 71 BB. Also had issues with leaking around bolt holes. Took several tries before they sealed. Never happy with fit. Eventually found a used original set, removed dents, added missing wire bundle clips. They work fine no leaks no drama. Cork gaskets.
AMD set make great wall hangers.
I bought a set for my BB last year. Excellent looking repops. No issue leaking. I'm using Cometic gaskets and using the factory style studs. I still have my OE 69 covers.
Bad quality, two different colors, notice the bottom picture with the mounting hole protruding inside. These are for a 69 Charger.

Thanks for the feedback. The good news is that I found a really nice set of originals from a member here. I always try to find original parts over repops, but as we all know it's not always that easy.
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