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Anyone have 235/70/15 tires ?


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Oct 14, 2018
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If anyone has 235/70/15 or 235/65/15 tires on a 68/69 B Body can’t you post a couple pics of your car ? Thank you
I have new 235/70/15 tires on my GTX but no pictures in this phone. You can search “Vitour tires” and haywire 440 on this site and that post shows the white wall tires.
I've got some 235-75x15 but they are on a 62 Savoy . Not much help.
Post them anyway. I want to see how much taller they are than what I have. I have 235 /60/15’s now. I had a calculator on my phone that calculated height. But, I can’t find it now. Thank you
Calculator says 29"tall, 9.25 section, though that would vary, depending on rim width. Two inches taller than whats on the steelies, four inches taller than on the centerlines.

20191124_164041.jpg 20191124_132204.jpg 20191125_130402.jpg
Remember that you divide the total tire height in 1/2 as the wheel mounts to the center of the wheel. 1" taller tire means 1/2" increase in ride height or 1/2" more fender fill. 235/70-15 is almost 1" shorter that a 235/75-15. Tire sizing translation. 235 mm. section width. The widest part of the tires sidewall width, not a tread measurement. 235 "/75" means 75% aspect ratio. Height to the width. 75 % as tall as the width . a 70 series would be 70% as tall. So 5 % shorter. 15" = rim diameter. Simple math.