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Automatic Console Shifter


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Oct 5, 2016
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Los Gatos, CA

I have a '68 B body with the stock auto shifter mounted in the center console. Just wondering if anybody has replaced this shifter with an aftermarket unit and mated it to the console. The factory shifter has several pivot points = places for slop in the linkage.

I might consider replacing it with an aftermarket unit if it can be cleanly integrated with the console. Looking for a more precise/positive feel without hacking up the interior.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
I fairly recently replaced my stock shifter in my 67 charger with a B&M Quicksilver and mated it to look factory. 727 auto. Didn't have to do anything under the car. I'll post a picture later today
I’m planning on pulling everything and putting new carpet when wether gets bad so I can post more pictures in a month or two haha if you’re not in a hurry. I was too excited doing it and didn’t think about taking pictures with the console removed ‍♂️

Wow that looks great. If you remove the console to replace carpet I would appreciate some photos.

What did you have to do to the factory shifter bracketry? Thanks!
Made a few pieces of angle brackets from metal from little metal pieces from Home Depot lol. I’m sure there’s pros here that would tell you I’m an idiot…but it works and it was cheap lol. I’m more of a Macgyver than a mechanic haha. The only thing that took a little ‘rigging’ was the gear selector light because I wanted it to be the factory lens color. I’ll probably do some improvements to it when I pull it apart.

Also, I’m not a huge fan of the silver ball shifter knob so I’ve been trying our pistol grips. Bought the Hurst one from summit but it sat too high on the shifter arm and pushed into the dash. I’m working on making a couple that don’t hit the dash and have been happy with them, but just another thing to consider
What about something really crazy? Automatic Performance Shifters
I was considering one for my Satellite at one stage. They seem well made and work well, USA made too. Can't see many car thieves taking one on.

Gotta be honest, I don’t even know what I’m looking at in that one
It's not my car, it's a photo off the Kilduff website.
They are a reincarnation of the Hurst Lightning Rod Shifter The Hurst Lightning Rods Shifter System Was The Craziest '80s Transmission Tech Ever Built
They work really simply but look incredibly complex. If you search Youtube there are videos showing how simple the mechanism is. You can't overshift with their system, plus it looks completely mad.

I did make an enquiry a few years back - they aren't that expensive and you can customise them as you want. My son thought I was off my head wanting one, but I just think they are cool.
i was thinking of adding the pistol grip shifter handle to my slap stick shifter…..
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