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Backward C stamp? What does this mean?

well Ive been looking for the answer to this for a bit now..On and off mostly. but this and 1 or 2 other places are the only times this has ever been mentioned. Its odd that there are quite a few of the inverted "C" blocks out there( or at least lots of people with questions about it). there are no real solid answers though. So far ive heard everthing from "six pack block" or or six pack short block, to custom Cam install. im just curious if an answer was ever found cause at this point theres just to many of these for it to be a guy not knowing how to hold the punch.
From what I understand, the ones that stamped stuff weren't all that high up the pay scale. I sure wasn't when working at a steel mill.....
the same line working over multiple years working at all different plants only messing up with the letter "C"????? Also if thats the case lets say the C was in its correct orientation what does it mean?
Maybe Mr. Stamp hated working for ChryCo and decided to do the C's like that :lol:
funny, this just popped up on CL today.


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Consider that the block was facing the other way for that particular operation.