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Best fitting carpet for 63 Fury with 4 speed


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7:55 PM
Oct 5, 2022
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Ontario Canada
Looking for advice on good fitting carpet for 63 Plymouth with 4 speed. The carpet in the car is for a 4 speed but doesn't fit well. Loose around and behind shifter. Thanks.
ACC is your only option these days. Find a vendor who handles ACC.

If the carpet you have is in good shape remove the seats and sill plates and do a little stretching.
ACC carpet w/ 4 speed in a 62 Dart.
Got that extra underlayment, nice stuff, and plenty extra to cut off.
Fits pretty good around the shifter, not 100% but very good and certainly not an issue.
Left it in the sun for a few hours, you can use the seatbelts and seat brackets to keep it down as you stretch it out if needed.




ACC is where I bought the last two carpets for my ’63 and some trimming is necessary. I used heavy weights to obtain better forming around the hump and let that set for a few days. I’ve also dampened the carpet and used a hairdryer while under weight, that helped and kept the weights on it while trimming.
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