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Brake pedal doesn't return

James Hogan

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Jun 28, 2018
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Good morning, I have a '69 Charger w/440. On Monday I received my brake vacuum booster from the rebuilder. I installed it and the brakes are back to being great again. But, the brake pedal doesn't return all the way and the brakes don't completely release unless I use my left foot to pull the pedal the last 1/2" to 3/4" I went back in and slightly cracked each of the bolts in the brake pedal assembly to see if I over tightened anything, no difference. I don't see anything that's any different from when I removed the booster for rebuilding. I should mention that I have a vacuum pump dedicated to the brake booster that has been there for 19 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had a similar situation where I had a failed booster rebuilt, and after installing it, there was like a 5 second delay from when you released the pedal to the car moving. I checked the drums all the way around, and no issues there in terms of hanging up. It turns out the rebuilt booster was the problem as the plunger wasn't returning quick enough, and hence the delay. Who did the rebuild of your booster?
Couple things come to my head recalling some ills: Make sure the pedal return position isn't binding against the brake light switch. It could be pre-charging the booster. About an 8th to quarter inch free play should be there. Check the gap btw the booster and MC. If disks, take off the wheels and have a partner pressing on the pedal and letting it off, to make sure the pads aren't binding.
As Ron H said above, is the booster to MC pushrod adjusted correctly?
Bought one of these for checking the gap. They're cheap; though you can get more expensive ones.
Thanks everyone, ends up being the brake fluid was leaking into booster and that's probably what took out the booster. 70 Fish, Midwest Remanufacturing. In Bedford Park. $230.00, not cheap. But I would use them again.
Ron H, where did you buy that at? I want one! Thanks again all.
Before I’d pull the trigger on an MC, maybe a few members will chime in on what they have. They can be had from many suppliers. My ‘new’ MC in the kit I got wouldn’t bench-bleed in one reservoir so had to hunt for another one like it. Ended up being a mid’ 60’s Vette MC the kit used. If yours is stock, with stock system, check with NAPA (got mine there) for identical replacement. Summit has them as do other auto suppliers, just verify WHEN they will ship it. Waited 2 months for Jeg’s to ship a booster, canceled that order and got it through Summit though it was a bit more cash. MC’s and boosters typically don’t cost much; but there are more expensive ones if you choose.
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