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Jan 22, 2022
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Alright y’all. I’m stumbling on the brakes situation for my vehicle. 1968 Charger with Right Stuff disc brakes all around and will install a Allstar Line Loc. Street-strip 13-14sec car. Wondering if I’m hitting analysis paralysis, but it’s brakes so I always want to be sure.

I have what is believed to be the original brass distribution block (this one on the car. It has five ports(two ins. Two front outs. One rear. From what I understand) it also has one sensor on the side (guessing this is the warning) and other side bracket mounts to the frame.

Figured I would install the line lock after the block but now reading and doing more research online, also seeing that if you have disc fronts, which I do, you need a proportioning valve? Is there one built-in to my block and if so, how am I suppose to know? And why? None of our drag cars have ever had any block, ever. It’s always been cylinder to caliper. Ontop of that, how am I suppose to be sure of which port on this block flows where under pressure?

Is it too simplistic to say bypass the block altogether and go front line Master cylinder to line lock, LL to calipers through a T-splitting distribution block. Then rear master cylinder directly to rear T-distribution block in the back, then to calipers. Very easy set up.

What’s the cons to this? Why do I need this block in the first place?

Also, seeing some folks considering a different master cylinder based on brake application(disc vs drum?) is this a thing? I was planning on a cheap master cylinder but now I’m wondering if i should be considering otherwise.

Appreciate feedback in advance.


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Mar 20, 2011
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I only have some basic info for you from redoing my own brakes (stock front disk, rear drum).
1. I've read that the proportioning valve/distribution block (like your picture) allows for a very minor delay in applying the rear brakes (front brakes grab a moment before the rear brakes) so the ass end doesn't go all sideways during heavy braking.
2. Aftermarket proportioning valves are junk (the two I've tried anyway)
3. I've got a line lock, but haven't installed it yet. I planned to install it at the rear outlet of the master cylinder (for both front brakes), somewhere in that line.