SOLD Brodix B1 Original Heads, B1 Intake & T&D Rockers

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Jun 25, 2019
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Simi Valley, CA
Brodix B1 Original Heads for Big Block. They have never been run, just mocked up. They came with a '68 Charger project I bought and thought I would be able to set them up, but got too involved for my engine builder to finish and we switched to Edelbrock and Hughes. These heads have a fresh valve job for the new Titanium Valves, which measure 2.30 Intake/1.78 Exh. They are heavily ported and epoxy filled to make them streetable. The epoxy is done right and screwed in, but could be removed for all out racing. Combustion chambers are 74cc. Intake ports measure 2.00 H x 1.68 W with epoxy and 2.75 H without epoxy. Exhaust ports are 1.70 H x 1.90 W. Drains installed for oil drain-back and casting humps cut down along bottom rail to aid in oil flow to the corner drains. Matching B1 Intake (never run) with same epoxy and porting (pic coming soon) and 4500 flange. These T&D Rockers are the correct set, but we had trouble getting any valve covers to fit, so you'll probably need to make some or modify a set. They have never been run also. Located in Simi Valley, CA. The heads have about $8,000 in them. Intake goes for about $600. Rockers are about $1,200 new. Starting at 60 cents on the dollar, that puts it at about $5,800. This is my first Mopar venture and these are some insane heads, so please let me know if I am way off. PM me with questions, advice or an offer!

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