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Cam question


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Apr 22, 2023
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I have this old ft solid cam in a 383, specs are at .02? Anyone have any experience with this cam it’s pretty rowdy in a small 383 ran great but not easy to tune.

310 @ .020 is pretty nasty. The valves don't spend much time closed. :rofl:
Looks like a good 4 speed cam where the engine is in the "happy" zone a little more.
last time I ran it was with a pretty loose 9” converter and 4.88 rear. High compression 383 little bit of work on 906’s with 2” supercomp headers. It was a low buck old school bracket car when I bought it. Car now has 3.73’s and I want to Chan engine up or build a 440 I have for street use
Not sure if anyone in here is familiar with the late Doug Sloan, I bought this car from his brother Leon this is a picture of Doug he was a mopar legend his son-in-law has his gtx now. Also is a picture of my roadrunner that has this cam in it


Not familiar w cam dynamics but have a old General Kinectics on the shelf that is 316@ .020 with that same lift. To my recollection...when we measured .050 it was 270/270. Really hard to say what is is since no .050 is listed. Going bigger on displacement would tame it down a bunch. Really need 500+ cubes to calm down street manners. 108 isn't helping.
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Lol I figured it was pretty aggressive, with the 4.88 and loose converter it would lay black stripes from a 40 roll and rev fast I tried not to rev it past 6500 but it definitely hit 7 a few times the engine was in the car when I bought it but back in 93 I tore it down and freshened it up probably have only put less then 1000 miles since but I am hoping to change that will be starting a 440 build soon
That cam is fairly aggressive for sure and would be happier with a manual transmission.
I have noticed Howards Cams give you the specs at 0.020" with a solid grind because of valve lash.
With the intake valve closing 83 ABDC it is pretty wild. I don't think it will have much vacuum for power brakes.
The 310 degrees is actually crankshaft degrees and as the cam needs to turn twice it is 720 degrees.
The valve is closed 720 - 310 = 410.
It's very close to my comp .585. It had 275 at 50.
It's a maximum effort 100% race cam. There was no suggestion on how to use it as a street! cam.
In my 383 it had about 4 lbs ft of torque until 5500 rpm. Then the tach would flash to 7400 (or more if you blinked before shifting.)
I used it with indy -1s
Reminds me of my old 300H Cam Dynamics that I had in my 66 Barracuda 340 bracket car. It was when I was young and stupid and thought bigger was better. It was the biggest hydraulic they had at the time. It had nothing under 3000 rpm. I finally got a good converter in the car and it worked pretty well.

Waaait a minute... comp cams WAS cam dynamics??
No Comp is not Cam dynamics & post #14 is a different cam [ lash is different ]. Crane bought Cam Dynamics. It is probably the 310/585 lift which is 275 @ 050.
It would be a dog in anything but a race engine....
Comp markets a cam series called cam dynamics. I don't know when they started selling it? Perhaps it was when Comp bought crane in 2021. Crane bought cam dynamics 1990ish. Not much of Crane is left other then a few name sake things they sell...sad.

You could go get the groceries w that cam, but your eyes might be watering on the way there; and you may need to fill it w gas going and coming. Lol
It's smaller then the solid roller we drove on the street. But we didn't drive it much...it really was only fun WOT! So we pulled it out of our 69 charger and it went in this:

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I drove my roadrunner on the street with this cam but not very often. I would mix 93 and cam2 race gas between it and the 4.88’s is was fun for about 15 minutes lol. This was in the mid 90’s
I also have an old but never ran crane Econ o power cam I will see if I can find a number on it if anyone has any experience with them. Was going to go in a 69 Coronet 500 convertible factory 383 car we used to have.
That's a 16202, I put lots of the three bolt version 16203 585/585 [email protected] running cam for a 4 speed car.
I must have put in 20 or more of the 16002 small block version of that big block 3 bolt cam.