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CANCELLED : Fall Fling Oct 24th 2020 @Irwindale Speedway -Mopar Swap-Show-Drags

Idiot liberal mayors, Governors and worthless councilmen all on the Democrat side. Florida is moving ahead with 2 major shows. Why? Well, they have a Republican Governor, that is one reason.
Californians will continue to live under this shitty set of conditions because too many of the residents continue to elect these idiots. This state is the asshole of the country thanks to the politicians. Every other state looks here and shakes their head at the sheer stupidity of the high taxes, high cost of living, stupid legislation and oppressive regulations.

Friend flew to Arkansas for Ford event. Then canceled at last minute.

Arkansas?? They are still struggling with rickets
Southern California has long been thought of as the birthplace of Car Culture. Year round good weather, the entertainment industry and the lack of rusty cars helped with this.
Politicians are oblivious to what made this state great.
They are like smog devices placed on a good running engine, essentially parasites that kill the host despite the fact that it eventually results in their own demise.
Tim Allen needs to run for governor of CA. Seems like the only time CA votes a Republican in to office is when he was an actor first.
I made commitments to deliver parts that customers paid for through PayPal. I am going to honor my word and make the drive.
I have 2 fenders and three doors to deliver.
Why couldn't we call this event a "Peaceful Protest" against Fords?
I recommend a new CANCEL thread in general for this.
was not happy about the cancellation of this event...was hoping to see the whos who of ffbo minus Richard Cranium of course (kinda glad he didn’t make commitments to show up masksless and clothesless).

anyhow...made a trip to Ventura Cold Steel and bought a few knives all masked up

a few regulations won’t keep me from being happy and successful...f it....


Did anybody mention that there is a battle of the brands race at irwindale sunday? Just in case your racecar is still packed? I forgot, mine is all put to bed.