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Cooper Cobra-radial-GT tires

Good tire, Cooper also makes the same tire under the "Mickey Thompson" brand with Mickey Thompson lettering.
Look better and are more period correct. Mickey Thompson started making performance tires in the 60's and were on a lot of cars before the T/A tire was invented.
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While not a muscle car, my 96 Ford Ranger has 14x7 aluminum wheels. I ran a set of 225/70-14 Coopers on it with no problem. I got about 35K miles, if I remember correctly. I replaced them with General Altima RT43's when they wore out. Mainly just because the Generals were a few bucks cheaper on my little beater truck. But, I am liking these General tires pretty well too. They have white letters, but they don't look as "muscle car" as the Coopers.
I will probably get a set of the Coopers in the near future for the 14"road wheels on my 67 Coronet. I currently have BFG's that look perfect. But, I bought them in 2003....
I have them on both my chargers. They're round, fit my rims, and have worked for me for a long time. Completely anecdotally I think they're a fairly hard tire. I feel like mine get slicker when they get warmer.
I have a set of Cooper load range E on my truck and they seem to be holding up well...going on their 4th spring/summer season and still have about 40-50% tread.

I'm going to be trying these Cooper Radial GT's RWL tires when I finally get my old coronet home. ;)
I have been running the Cooper Cobras on a couple of my cars now for a few years. Not many other options so I'm glad to report no issues.
Cobras on the 69. Coopers on the modern Mopars too.
Have them on the Bee and no complaints
I’ve had a bunch- cobras and radial T/A’s are the norm on my cars thru the years. I remember seeming to get lots of burnouts out of cobras
Also, you can look at the Mickey Thompson ST series tires that are made by Cooper. Supposedly they have a slightly upgraded rubber compound over the Cobras I have read. But they have the same ratings as the Cooper Cobras so I’m not sure I buy that completely. But they are good tires - I have a set on a Cobra replica.
Everyone has pretty well covered it, but I might add that Cooper is the only brand that I have used that haven't blown out sitting or from age. I can't say the same for B F Goodrich, or Goodyear. Every tire that has blown out on me has been replaced with Coopers.
They are fairly inexpensive , look decent and seem to ride somewhat smooth. I have bought three sets but have not had them long enough to see them not blow out as Jerry describes. I have had what he and most other have had with blowout, super separation on the Goodrich's and Goodyears over time. The Cobras have some fairly wide , deep treads. My driveway is laid with fairly small gravel and I have to start down the highway pretty slow for a while as I sling out the embedded pea gravel. Hate hearing it bang around the wheel wells when they come loose.....wondering how much paint is leaving with the rocks.....
correct me if mispoken, didn't someone buy out cooper recently?
Goodyear I believe
in 1997 I purchased new 215/75-14 uniroyals for my Coronet. To this day there are no cracks, no lumps, no flat spots, and the car drives smoothly. I have maybe 5000 miles on the tires. However,the car is always in a garage when not driven.
Do I trust them? some maybe,,, still deciding wether to change them.

I have read somewhere that older tires are of much higher quality than the tires today?
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Happy with Cooper. Got almost 600 miles on them since March. Rides really nice.

I ran a set in the 90's and just put a set on one of my Chargers last month. Personally, I like the the tread appearance better than the BFG, otherwise they are very comparable to the BFG tire. The dimensional sizes run slightly smaller in comparison.

Maybe Goodyear did just buy Cooper? I was in a Goodyear store today and was really surprised to see they had info on Cooper Tires too.
Got caught in the rain on I-5. 295’s worked good at freeway speed. Safe, smooth, warns when near the edge and smell good roasting too.
I will be getting a set for our Bee when time runs out on the BFG's whose letters have yellowed.
I will be getting a set for our Bee when time runs out on the BFG's whose letters have yellowed.
Speaking of that...the white letters on the Cobras I used stayed nice and white. I hit them with some Ajax on a scrub sponge every now and then to clean them up and they still look good. Good all-season tire.
You do need to consider your power level though. They can become dangerous behind a decent amount of power, especially after they get some wear. Controlled pitching of the *** end going around corners is fun... but it's NOT fun when it happens unexpectedly, especially at 50 mph:eek: