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Crager SS 16" Tires


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Mar 28, 2024
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Hi everyone,

I finished restoration on my 1973 Satellite RR clone about 20+ years ago. At the time, I bought a set of Crager SS wheels in 16" diameter. I bought a set of General XP 2000 tires to go with the wheels. 275/55 R16 in the rear, 255/55 R16 in the front. Well, 20 years later, my tires are old and not safe to drive on (even though the treads are still excellent) and I can't find any 16 tires that will work for me. All 16 tires that I find are either AT tires or a handful of vintage style racing slicks. In fact, Crager no longer makes a 16" SS wheel. My question is, do you have any suggestions for tires? I would hate to have to replace all the wheels but it is looking like I might have to buy a set of Crager SS 15" wheels and tires. If so, what is the correct backspacing for my car? I think I want wider wheels in the rear. Any ideas on tires if I replace the wheels to 15"? Thanks!


I bought 245/50x16s for my 95 Z28 from Walmart recently. Falken, speed rated I believe. Search for tires for mid/late 90s mustangs and camaros.
TireSize.com will tell you what sizes there are, and what's available.
GF's 2006 Dakota has Goodyear Wrangler 265/70x16s, probably an suv tire, but they don't look it. Would fill up the rear wheelwell of a fuselage car nicely.
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