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Cyl head sizing discussion, anyone?

I think your big head small cam idea is fine it will just run similar to a fully ported small cam and you still have the ability to jump up to the next level easily (cam change). The LS makes more power because the port shape is totally different, moves air very differently also the combustion chamber is more efficient, directing the pressure toward the center and down, this is the case with most modern engines, the hondas and most multi-valve and yes the hemi, our old wedge engines lose some direction of the combustion pressure because it is offset to one side. The BBM heads worked well againts the second tier brand x engines (LS5 and 350horse 396, 428cobra jet ect) because of the .904 lifters ramp speed, gets to lets say .200" earlier and comes back down below it later effectively a longer duration at 1/2 lift than a smaller lifter dia. which in turn is where these stock heads work well. I don't know if this answered the idea in this thread but it is the way I understand it the real proof is in what IQ52 comes up with if I had a tunnel ram laying around here I would be fed ex-ing it to him to try on that combo I can't wait.
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