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Dash color question for smarter than me people.


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The interior of my 1971 has B5 and B7 both listed on the tag and written in the car with chalk. If I want to get a dash rebuilt and covered, what would be the color for the dash pad? I have ordered a medium blue headliner and think it is correct from the pieces I had left. But the dash is long gone and I have a black core.
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All the blue interior cars I've seen have blue dashes.
Probably B7.

I think a lot of it depended on body colour. Lighter coloured cars, ie a petty blue car might have gotten b5 dash pad as b7 would look ***. But a B5 exterior car often got B7 dash frame and pads (at least the ones I’ve seen…

what’s to your liking is the most important thing here

where’s a picture of the fender tag? This would help
Typically the dash frame & pad match the darkest interior hue; clues will be windshield reveal moldings, defroster vents, package tray, and seat belts on most Mopars.
Interior codes like "B7" refer to the overall scheme, rather than dash color: pre-71, generally the interior doorframe color.
Most color chip guides - available on Ebay or from various places like Irv Bishko - will have codes, if not samples, of the dash color.
Dash pads were close to dash frame color pre-71, but photos of original cars should guide you there.
Interior colors were standardized: one green scheme, one blue, etc.
Fender tag photo might help.
Here is the tag. I’m probably going to end up having to send the dash to ABCMOPARTS in Az. I’m just not sure how many blues there were and what would look the best. As mentioned, light and dark blend differently. My plan is the original exterior color with a white roof, even though it was black originally.

E61: 383 cid 2 barrel V8 290hp
D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
GB5: Bright Blue Metallic (Dodge), True Blue Metallic (Plymouth) Exterior Color
H2B5: Trim - High, Vinyl Bench Seat, Blue
GB7: Dark Blue Metallic (Dodge), Evening Blue Metallic (Plymouth & Chrysler) Int. Door Frames
810: Build Date: August 10
B36351: Order number

V1X: Full Vinyl Top, Black
C: Canada Specifications
22: Unknown
B51: Power Brakes
F81: Unknown
G33: LH Remote Racing Mirror

L31: Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals
M21: Roof drip rail moldings
M25: Wide sill moldings
R11: Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts)
END: End of Sales Codes

B7 int (see below)

B5 ext

...and note that it's GB5 as opposed to EB5 or KB5, which are different formulations.

Wait- looks like B7 upper door frames. Right?

B5 int with B7 frames? H2B5 is the interior code.
.....and 71 didn't really have "upper door frames". They're padded vinyl panels.

...but the inside door frame did get painted.
Go here for interior colors codes for paint: 1971 Dodge

Go to page 2. This would be for your dash frame and other metal interior items. I do not know how you get the vinyl and plastic color codes other than what is discussed above.