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Dash Frame Color


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Mar 28, 2021
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Albertville, AL
For my 69 Dodge Super Bee........The guy who painted by car and did the body work (B7 - did a great job) volunteered to paint my dash frame, steering column, etc. He and the guy at the paint store decided the color should be B5. It looks good but the more I think about it and try to look at other cars with B7 interior (per the fender tag), I am thinking that color is way too light, particular next to the dash pads, etc (pics attached) that will be painted dark blue metallic (Herb's 1177).
The frame and column are out being rebuilt so now is the time to correct, so my questions are....

1) Should this be painted with the same paint from Herb's, and if so 2) would sanding the clear off be sufficient and then repaint and 3) in a test spot the paint from Herb's looks good on the metal but seems a little flat, is that correct or should some clear be added?

Lastly, is there a place that can make the VIN tag look new, I am hesitant to mess with it and certainly have not removed it from the dash?


Photo Sep 16 2023, 12 01 51 PM.jpg

Photo Sep 16 2023, 12 03 51 PM.jpg

Photo Sep 16 2023, 12 05 48 PM.jpg
Paint should be flat and dark blue like b7. I would strip it, prime with black epoxy then paint it. The vin tag should be removed, painted, and a decal from ECS applied, by you. I would not send it out.
Yeah I just ordered that decal for the VIN. Thanks, definitely can't leave it like it is now. Should the steering column and metal ash tray be flat and dark blue like the dash?
Check your fender tag closely on the trim #s. My B7 RR has B5 and B7 interior. The metal dash is a flat B5 and the other stuff is B7.



Thank you. I don't have a build sheet. B7 it is.

So I assume I can use the same paint as the exterior on the metal. Should it be flat, sprayed with clear like exterior ? etc etc
Not only is it to light of a shade of blue, it should have a texture finish in it. The PPG store near me did a custom mix for me because they said the original suede is no longer available.
The dash and column use the same suede paint, your sheet shows the column color as B7.

It should not shine like the outside of the car or the upper door frames.
Ok all, thanks much for the advice. I will definitely change the color. Now, best method to strip the new (wrong color) paint and clear? The steering column parts will fit in the media blaster but the dash frame is another story. I have a very small portable blaster but this would take tons of unrecoverable media. Any of you paint experts please weigh in. TIA
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