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dash guages wiring harness


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Mar 21, 2014
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Hi, some weeks ago i poste pic of my New 66 charger, the electroluminescent guages don't work, i bought a new powerpack, when time to put it in place of the old one, i discovered that someone have cut the wiring harness to plug the new guages, so there's no powerpack, where i can find à complete wiring harness for the guages to be like an original, do i have to send it to guages doc for a complete refurbish. Thanks
If you cant find a good used one, Year One has reproduction harness. Be prepared to spend some cash!


Gauges, do you know for sure that the EL doesn't work? If you have your power pack and gauge cluster you can bench test it to see what lights up.
Yes, if you need repairs I recommend the Gauge Doc.
where did you buy the "new" power pack? Got a picture of what part of harness you need?
I bought it on eBay from EBAYER 72tx340

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I thanks i need the complete harness
66 & 67 harness's are completely different...none of the wiring will interchange between the 2 years of cars. Some of the under hood stuff has been moved, and some lighting and accessories on the interior were changed

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I bought it on eBay from EBAYER 72tx340

you better make sure all your gauges light up properly before you plug that little black box in...if you have a short, the little black power pack will go up in smoke
I am curious as to how to bench test the el cluster on my 67 charger. It did not light up when purchased and would appreciate some info.
With your cluster and power pack on the bench. There are two wires on the power pack, white and orange. Hook the white wire on the power pack to the white wire on the cluster (white wire with red connector). Hook 12V to the orange wire of the power pack. The pack and cluster must be grounded to work. Be careful of the white wire, it will have 230VAC running threw it. It will get your attention if you get zapped! ha ha ha
When I tested mine, used a small 10amp battery charger.

Oopps...I see now you have a '67. I'm pretty sure the color of the wires on the power pack are differenent. The white wire on the '67 power pack still goes to the cluster. The 12V wire is red? Bryan...help. ha ha ha
sounds like a service manual would be your friend here...you cannot work on these cars without one
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