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Dash Lights and Passenger Turn Signals and Brake Light Work Sometimes


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8:17 PM
Apr 1, 2013
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I have a 69 Satellite and sometimes my dash lights and the passenger tail light doesn't work. I haven't messed with anything so what could be my problem. Sometimes the lights will work so I know its not the fuse. Any suggestions?
first guess would be a bad headlight switch.try wiggling the rehostat when the lights stop working.check for good ground at the tailights as well.
Oh and the passenger turn signal doesn't want to work. It will come on and stay on. There is no flashing involved when the other lights are messed up.
Few things I would check A) Grounds B) Center pin connections to the backside of the printed circuit board (backside of dash cluster), they break off. C) like 67 Coronet mentioned, the headlight switch. D) Ohms check or Hot wire check your wires... Good luck
the dimmer could be causing the dash light issues (the ones in those cars seem to have alot of trouble with age and no body re-pops them. bad grounding, sockets, or wiring could be messing with the other lights. i just had to bypass the dimmer in my RR, i was having trouble with the dash lights. now they just come on full bright when the lights are on.
I'll check all of those. It's not at separate times though. When the lights mess up, they all mess up.