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Diff between 68 and 69 ignition switch


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Jul 14, 2012
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I have a 68 Charger. Need an ignition switch. Switch on left is what came out of car and switch on right is new one. Besides the difference in terminals the bezel thread pitch is also different. Is the new switch for 69 and above or is this the substitute switch for the correct part?

ignition switch 1.jpg

ignition switch 2.jpg
a '69 switch is a different diameter than the '68. One is larger and one is smaller.
Yup.... 68 is smaller, 69 is one year only cause in 70 the switch moved to the column..
According to Van's the 68 switch came with both the 4 and 5 pin versions depending on car options. As far as the different bezel thread pitch, it was some type of reproduction screw up. Van's told me that most of the small pitch switches were no longer in the system but somehow I got one. In any event he told me this switch would work just fine. He is going to send me a new bezel with the fine pitch thread for the new switch. No charge for the bezel. He didn't have to do that but he did. A good company to do business with. They fixed this issue right away.
we don't mean the bezel thread...the physical size of the switch, where it goes thru the dash frame is different.