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Do these upper a-arm ball joint threads look OK?

NEW, upper control arms never have threads in them.
They are manufactured bare, smooth.
The ball joint, to be inserted in the UCA, cuts the threads.
Then forever, and ever, that control arm will have the "threads" that a replacement ball joint should follow, in tightening down.
If not, just tack weld the ball joint, to the arm, in 3 or 4 spots, and your done.
Easy, peasy.

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I guess the one I thought was new wasn't.....
New! I almost never get to work with new parts.
Got the bushings in fine but trying to get the Moog ball joints to thread in straight into the a-arm has been a real chore. They do not want to start straight. I finally had to hand seat them, keeping the distance from the ball joint nut to the a-arm equal on 4 sides, but every time I try to start it with a ratchet or electric impact it wants to shift or cock in this direction or that. The threads in the a-arms are just plain fubar‘d - not sure what was done to them. I managed to get one started by tightening it slightly with an electric impact about 1/8 turn, straighten it with a brass punch and hammer, turn it another 1/8 turn, straighten it by punch, tighten another 1/8 turn, straighten, etc. I finally have it about half in and looking straight but to go any further I’m going to have to switch to my pneumatic impact or just wait until they can be mounted in the car.

Is it a bad idea to run these down with a big impact? Is that just asking for a stripped a-arm? What my vice is mounted to is too small to use for this. It’s going to take every bit of that 125 ft-lbs to tighten these down.
All I ever use on upper ball joints is my big impact... I don't mount the arm in a vise or on the car. I hold it in one hand & the impact in the other & I've done hundreds without ever having an issue...

I start the ball joint by hand turning it backwards till I feel it drop into the thread, then I turn it forward till it stops, visually confirm it's straight and run it home with big gun....
What I wanted to hear. It’s in enough now it shouldn’t twist around any more so the impact it is.

I guess the threads on the first one were just messed up. The second one screwed right down, square on the first attempt.
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