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Does anyone else have a problem getting parking brake cables to attach to rear disc setup?


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Aug 18, 2011
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I'm not sure what's going on but after switching to rear disc on my Bee, the included parking brake cable on the driver's side rear. (35") doesn't reach the caliper after connecting to the support bracket in front of the tire. It looks like all the aftermarket dealers that sell the same kit (Pirate Jack, POL,etc) are all made in China. They all want to package a factory length cable and I suppose it might fit a drum brake setup BUT the complication I think, is since the caliper is mounted on the trailing side of the rotor in order to get the parking bracket, spring and bleeder screw in the right place....the cable is too short. The passenger side had enough length to work with to make it work. I just find it hard to believe that when the instructions tell you mount the caliper brackets and caliper as previously mentioned, that the cable turns out to be too short. Has anyone else run into this?
Yes! Did the "Right Stuff" conversion on the 1969 Coronet. It came with generic parling brake cables that might work on a 1971 and up B or E body, where the brake cable is centered. On the '69 where the brake cable is on the drivers side, the original style replacement cables are close, but still about 2" too short.
My friend ran into that on his 69 Charger, he bought the kit from Baer Brakes, which is owned by Holley now. They directed him to a cable making place, you might contact them
Thank you MoparHunter! I am still searching for the solution so I'm gonna have to check them.
451.....I am short right about 2" too! (Ha..that's what she said...) I don't want to remove and reattach the frame bracket 2" closed to the caliper but that might be something else altho, now that I think about it, I think the spreader is already loosened as much as I can.
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