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Door Vent 70 Charger/71 R/T Concept Charger

Do you know if there was any support added in the trunk for the wing? Like how the Superbird/Charger Daytona had braces on the sides of the trunk to carry the downforce from the wing into the subframe? I'm curious how Chrysler/Gary handled the downforce from the 71 R/T Concept wing, since it mounts to the trunk lid and not the quarter panels.





Does anyone have pics of where the wing hinges at the front? Those pushrods can't be the only thing holding the wing on.

I also haven't seen any reinforcement to take the downforce of the wing. Was this car ever driven at a significant speed? Like, 150 or more?
Gary and Pam drive every car they own at "Significant speed"!
I haven't seen the R/T concept driven. I've collected as much info as I can find about it, but there's not much out there.
That was Gary's first 71 Charger R/T,he has owned it since the late eighties.
In case I'm missing he obvious - was Gary's 71 R/T concept based on an actual Chrysler concept, or is it Gary's personal "what if" car?

I've read that it's based on Chrysler's original plans for the 71 R/T, but the press often gets things wrong. Maybe the reason I can't find any Chrysler material on the car is because Gary made it up (and did a good job of it).
One thing that bothers me is the way the wing, as seen from the side, follows the rear deck downwards. It may be correctly oriented to the airflow coming down the rear deck, but it "looks wrong." Functionally, it's probably o.k. because I think it works as a trim tab or a duck tail spoiler, and not a wing at all; because it is too close to the rear deck. AFAIK it needs to be the distance of the chord of the wing above the rear deck to function as a wing - admittedly my knowledge comes from planes though, not cars, but I can't think of a reason for it to be different.
When he did the wing the first time it was straight across and was closer to the deck lid in the middle than the sides and it looked wrong,the way it is done now looks correct and follows the contours of the deck lid both across the lid and the contour of the rear edge as well. It has an even gap across the whole deck lid and is symmetrical as the factory would have made it. The wing wasn't designed for the Nascar track as the Daytona wings were,those were purpose built,this wing was designed to look cool and sell cars,during an era where non functional scoops,stripes,wild colors and rear spoilers were all the rage. I never seen anyone run a go wing on a Nascar stock car either, but they were available from the factory, and if they would have gained some actual aerodynamic advantage from running one someone would have tried it.
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It would definitely have an aerodynamic effect, and would produce downforce if adjusted right. It would just be doing it via the Coanda effect instead of the Bernoulli principle.