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edelbrock AVS2


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Feb 18, 2021
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central ny
what a difference off idle and any thing under 15 mph with AVS2 800cfm compared to the old 750 carbs. sometimes i would get the off idle stumble and less power with the old carb.
I made the switch to the AVS2 800 from the Performer 750.
For my application, 472 Hemi single 4 bbl it is a much smoother idle to off idle transition.
No more annoying surge. Gone with the new AVS2 800.
I would have the surge off idle with the 750 and running at rpm lower than 2000. I played with the jetting and step-up rods to no avail
Worked for me.
Anything is better than a performer 750, nothing I did to that POS would make it behave, including changing the engine underneath it.
Since you are talking about bottom end we need to know these things that are related to it:

What cubic inch is the engine?
what intake manifold?
stock cam, or bigger?
what rear end gears?
what size rear tires?
on all six cars 440 mopars and 425 buicks skylarks all kinds of intakes 7 different ones and about 10 different cams. some times if the stars all in line they would perform good, you forgot ignition timings which i also mess with. it also showed on the dyno where they go lean then get richer.
I didn’t forget anything, I was keeping it short and simple, just the basics.

You know, all the stuff you forgot To mention. How can we answer your question?

stock 318 with 276 gears?
stroker 440 with 456 gears?
The answer changes quite a bit.
i did say 440 engines and i never asked a question i was just saying what happen with me. i was keeping it basic i had to many combination over my 47 years to list. am sure the 750 would be more suited to a basic stock engine.
I went from a factory 440 avs to a 800cfm on my 350hp 440, and boy what a night and day difference!

I can’t speak for the 750 performer, but get the AVS2 and you won’t be sorry. It doesn’t need a lot of warm up time, at least not in Texas, plenty of down low and top end, and it cruises nicely.
i did go down on the cruise mode 2 1/2 sizes with no surging.
I read it as you were asking a question, but you were telling us how it worked for you, sounds good on the carbs!
The annular booster design of the AVS2 cures many ills, as documented by the OP. The AB atomises fuel better, helping response. The ABs also take up more space, increasing velocity for more sensitive mixture control.