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Edelbrock equivalent for Carter 3447 AFB?


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Aug 25, 2010
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Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked and answered before - I'm sure it has - but couldn't find it without spending another hour searching...

My brother and I have a 63 Polara 500 with a 63 Superstock MW 426, which has been in there since the 80's we think. We had it rebuilt back in 2005 shortly after we bought the car and since then it's been pretty reliable, especially for a MW 'on the street'.

Since last summer though, it's started playing up; running like it's on less than eight and now not idling when it does feel like all cyl's are firing.

We've gone through the ignition system and stopped short of replacing the distributor. We have bought a new one as part of a kit from Firecore, and that was going to be the next step, but as it's running quite smooth now, but just not idling, we're now wondering whether the original Carter 3447s need a bit of work.

We would like to keep the original carbs but while we formulate a plan to get them restored/rebuilt (not than many AFB experts over here in the UK!), we're thinking of getting a couple of Edelbrocks if we can get the right part number of one that's a straight-swap. Ideally we'd like to keep the choke, throttle linkages and fuel feeds the same, as ours is all stock.

I have read on here that to fit an Eddy 1405, part of the carb's linkage needs to be trimmed to clear the MW's inlet. Apart from that, I'm not aware of any other fitment issues, or even if the 1405 is the right model?

Can anyone suggest which model will fit as a straight-swap, if any?

Thanks, Rob & Stu
edelbrock 1405 will work. the 1405 has the same throttle bores and venturi sizes as the 3447. the 3447 is probably better made but the 1405's may be more user friendly.
Thanks. Looking into it a bit more though, it looks like the fuel inlet points on the 1405 are on a different corner to the 3447s... not ideal :rolleyes:

Our engine bay (from a few years ago, but the carbs and related items are the same):


Comparing it to this pic, pinched from 'Snook's' thread elsewhere on here...


Not too much of a problem, obviously, just needs a couple of new fuel lines to be made up. I suppose the throttle and kickdown linkage is the main thing to keep the same
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externally the carbs aren't the same. throttle lever different but doable, fuel inlet different, air horn, some holes to plug; but same size. if it were me i wouldn't spend the money for 1405's. you should be able to fix the 3447's (if all parts are there and no serious alterations) for a fraction of the cost of 1405's and the 3447's are better made.
Thanks, I think you're right. We were looking for a quick fix while we get the Carters looked at by someone who knows what they're doing. We'll try and get that done first - I'll post back on here when I have some progress...
i think the real problem people have is that large brass screw in the front of the carb. that's idle air and of course there's the two mixture screws and those have to coordinate with each other. the 1964 3705's (and edelbrocks) don't have this and have a more conventional idle circuit. add to the fact that most people over cam and the situation becomes more critical. take a step back and use your mind instead of your money and things will probably fall together. another thing is to be careful of too much fuel pressure, and those engines came with a full centrifugal distributor with a pretty fast curve.