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Engine 383 or 361 #2128854-1


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Sep 24, 2017
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Rescue, California
Have a chance to pickup a engine casting #2128854-1. Checked the casting # online and it states 361 or 383 year 1964 came out of a 1965 Satellite.
I have a 1966 Satellite which had I think the 361/383 not sure as the car did not come with a engine.
It's a B block and really not sure if this is a good engine to use. Same as the 1967 and later
big blocks? Any advice.
It would be better to see the pad just under where the distributor is. The engine size and year is stamped there.
there is no pad on a B block. either way, the motor will go in just fine. measure the bore to see what motor you have. 4.120" = 361 4.25" = 383. stroke is the same. as to whether or not it is a good motor your best to have your machinist look it over. good luck. hope it is a 383 for you.
there isn't a pad like a 440 has, but the engine number is stamped on the block in front of the head by the distributor.
It would be better to see the pad just under where the distributor is. The engine size and year is stamped there.

The above is correct info.... it might be tough to see, you are really only looking for a 36 or 38 designating the size following a letter which designates the year on that pad. There may be other info there relating to build date and possibly other marks as well. If it should be a 361, keep in mind you will be limited to very plain replacement pistons as 361 is considered an obsolete engine at this point. Or you could get custom forged ones but then its $$$$. HTH, Lefty71
I would think you could bore a 361 to 4.25 or 4.27 and make a 383 or 387.
How much?
there is no pad on a B block

Being Old, you get one free pass

I did get a picture of the casting # at the distributor area on the block.

V 38

Looks to be a 383. Not sure what this HP stands for. High Performance?

No idea on the 415.
415 is the date of assembly, as opposed to the casting date on the block which would of course be earlier.
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Have your machinist check the deck height or stroke length, There was a high block 383 produced in 1959 only. Chances are slim but better to be sure before spending $ on parts.
415: April 15
All the info was great. Had no idea what the motor history was. 361/383 same stroke different bore 1958-1966 which actually one was in my car. Really sounds not compactable with later motors exchange parts and only stuck to its early years only. Probably pass on this engine as it sounds like a pain to rebuild just trying to locate
rebuild items. Thanks all.
the parts are all exchangeable, you'll just want to get some better breathing later model cyl. heads.
In case you don't want to get that one done.

I have a fresh turn key rebuilt 361 for sale, It's a 58/59 comes with a 2x4 cast intake.