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Found a 1976 Plymouth Sport Fury

Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
good luck & I hope you enjoy the journey with your new ride
Hi there can you post more pictures of the car like a side view ? A profile… ? I’ve never seen one of these and I’m liking it
Thank you! Here's a side view, I'll definitely post more pictures when I can :)

Did a little clean-up of the Fury! I had one of my friends (a professional detailer) use a heavy-duty cutting compound on it to get rid of some of the oxidation on the paint and bring back the color. I think he did a fantastic! You can see the difference between the hood's left side and the right side. I'll post a picture when I get a chance of what it looks like now that a lot of the color is back!


Dukes of Hazzard, anyone?

Apparently, the door latch return spring that operates the lever broke in my driver-side door. I can't get in or out of my driver's side without diving in through my window or awkwardly climbing and falling out of the window. I took off the top half of the interior panel to open the door from the mechanism itself, first with my hand and then with a screwdriver. It hurt. And, it didn't work! Looks like the seats are coming out. I have a replacement latch; I just need to get to where I can replace the one that broke.
Time to loose some skin on your forearms.
To me, this is just as enjoyable as someone restoring a concours number-matching one-of-whatever high-dollar car. I love her interest and enthusiasm ! Keep it up !
Welcome from Ohio. Start a build thread in the member's builds section. Cool car in great shape
To me, this is just as enjoyable as someone restoring a concours number-matching one-of-whatever high-dollar car. I love her interest and enthusiasm ! Keep it up !
My sentiments exactly.
I guess nobody informed her of the "sad demise of American car culture!"
Way to go Ari!
Welcome from NY.
".... and I even love the color."
Hi everyone!

We're facing facing a real tragedy here with my '76 Sport Fury... or maybe I'm dramatic... but, the paint on my hood and trunk is gone, and it's starting to rust. I need to know what the paint code is, the factory wrote "emerald green" underneath the hood. I have my fender tag (there's two of them), but I don't know how to decode them. Thanks in advance! :)

Here are the pictures of the fender tags that were in the original post. If you guys need clearer pictures, just let me know!


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Hi Ari, a close up of this tag will help get the paint codes, but I think I see F2 which would be Jade Green Irid.

Welcome from Alabama, amazing that they sold a whole car at a junk yard. Most just want to sell parts until they crush it. Glad you saved it.
Welcome from New Zealand.

What a beast! Definitely a car worthy of some love and attention. Thanks for sharing.
Welcome aboard! That car looks like it is nice shape, body wise. Gives me a Dukes of Hazzard vibe. What motor is in it?
Here’s the fender tag breakdown starting at the bottom left to right.
E44 318 2bbl. D32 A998 transmission
RH23 RFury, H high class, 23 2 dr hardtop
G6A G 318 2BC 8-cyl, 6 1976, A Built Lynch Rd Detroit
240168 Production number
MF2 Jade Green Metallic (body paint color)
PWF6 P premium price class, W seat, F6 green fabric
000 upper door frame color (not listed)
706 Built July 6th
182609 production sequence number
V5F Canopy vinyl roof green, U built to US spec
C15 deluxe belts, G11 tinted glass all
R31 dual rear speakers, H51 air conditioning

Hope this is of some help in knowing more about your classic. Keep up the good work.
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