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Front disk brake kit options


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Jul 25, 2022
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Well, I’ve culminated as far as trying to piece together drums for my 66 Charger.
Guess I’m going with a swap kit since I can’t source front hubs. What’s out there. Not looking for expensive options. I’m not even sure about this car’s motor/trans/rear end yet. But I need to be able to stop to assess.

Here’s a kit I found that has everything that I think I need:

CPP 63-74 Mopar B-Body & Mopar E-Body Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit
ANY 73-76 A body frt Disc systen will fit on your B-Body. The Spindles out are all you need. The ball joint "perches are the same angles, so your alignment settings won't even change. And when ya need calipers,brake hoses,bearings,seals that are easy enough to get, at any local parts place even easy to look up and get on line parts stores. Just call up Desert Valley Auto Parts or someone similiar. I wwent to a local yard here, they let be do the unbolt myself paid 100 or both sides Just undid the upper and lower ball joint connections, cut the hoses and away I went. Went to wilwood brakes for an adjustable proportioning valve. I used a 76 dart manual brake master cylinder, only has a 15/16 ths bore (smaller the bore the less leg effort). Lots of info on this in old Mopar Action Magazines. I bought new rotors, calipers, pads, bearings, and seals from the local parts store. Bend and installed new lines keep the stock 10' drums that are on the back. just added a 9 lb. pressure valve in the rear line. If ya need more info let me know I will dig thur my paper work, just send me an email. I might even have the original article on file in the shed?
Car runs 10:30's so after about the third pass those 10 drums faded "just a bit"! No more problems hauling it down.Plus with the A-body parts 15" wheels will clear the calipers.
Advantage of the kits you can get better calipers and rotors ( read $$$$). But you won't need them.
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PST makes this kit with a more traditional mopar style master cylinder. If you look at the kit that you listed the master cylinder is up and forward GM style. PST used to use that style until it was pointed out to them and they came out with these less than a year later. They have a forum discount also.

Front Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Got any wrecking yards or dead Mopars to scavenge in your area? Look up "disco tech" on the Mopar Action tech article archives.
Got any wrecking yards or dead Mopars to scavenge in your area? Look up "disco tech" on the Mopar Action tech article archives.
Actually easier to find; this is how they titled it = Disc-O-Tech. I believe it was three installments, but not sure. When i did mine I use the smalle 10.75 rotors vs 11.0 ones
I did the 11.75's on the front and rustled up some 11x2.5" wagon drum units. Put that stuff on my 70 Chall. Don't think the 11.75's will fit 14" wheels though.
I think your original idea was good.
Find some parts and get working brakes with drums.
Especially if all the other stuff is in question.

Put a Want to Buy (WTB) add here asking for what you need and where you are located.
Look around.
I have a couple hubs but I think shipping would kill the deal.
If you can find some close by from someone who did a disc brake upgrade I'll bet you can get them very inexpensively.
No junkyards in Alabama with old mopars?
I'll recommend Dr Diff.