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Glove box installation


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Jun 25, 2020
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I feel silly for asking. But I don't think I'm installing the glove box & spring assembly correctly. Before I took it out. The door had a ton of upward force. It would sping open up to the upper dash pad. I removed it to clean & paint everything. When I reinstalled, several times now in the past year and the door only wants to spring open about half way. Ive just delt with it. But I know it's not right. I'm not finding anything in my book... I figured I'd ask the experts.

Below is photo of where it wants to open currently. Before it opened all the way, which I'm holding in the second photo


That's kind of tricky to describe without being there.
It sounds to me like the base piece of the hinge that screws to the dash frame isn't flipped properly to load the hinge.
Try flipping it over to load the hinge before screwing it in place. It can be a bit of a bitch. Pre load it I guess is the best term.
Play with it some and you'll figure it out. Hopefully this makes a little sense.
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it's a pita with all the little screws that
i'll giver a go again. i've had it out a few times and back in with same results. i was hoping someone had a procedure.
i can rebuild motors and trans but cannot figure out how to install a glove box ... lol ...
I took it apart and got out the spring component. I think everything is correct. But difficult to tell with out seeing another. I knocked back the center rod and removed the springs to see if I'm able to wind another time or something. They are pretty tight . I think if I put any more pressure on them they may snap.

Wonder if they are simply weak and if anyone sells them?

The other option is , I could add some shims to each one to put slightly more tension on them . I might try it but preferred to get new springs.

Does anyone have some photos by chance of thiers? Or let me know of I got this put together wrong?




Anyone have photos of theirs. Or can confirm mine put together right. Just want second opinion before I reinstall again
Here's mine, I didn't want to disassemble mine, this damn thing is an alligator. Actually worried about reinstalling it.
Not sure that these pictures will help. Let me know if you need something else.




These are great photos. Greatly appreciated sir. I can at least compare to mine. I'm just going double check it.i think it set up the same. I suspect the springs my just be getting week. I'm going to add a shim behind each one and report back.
If it was okay before you disassembled it, it would be okay now, your missing something. I do this all the time, think that I do not need to document something that I have taken apart. Bites me in the butt all the time. AGE!
Hope that you get it. May be simpler to find another one, than to keep agrivating yourself!
i reviewed in detail. Your bracket is identical to mine. maybe my springs are week. they feel very strong , but when i add the door back on it wants to sag / not open all the way like the photos. maybe the glove box door gained weight ! lol

not sure if this bracket can be obtained anywere and i fear , if i do find it in a parts swap, its going to be $$$

i'm going to try and add some spacers on the springs. see if it doesn't tighten them up and have more tension.
Run an add down in parts wanted and see, someone has one. Again, if the springs held the door up before, they would hold it up now.
Good luck!
There's a glove compartment hinge For Sale right now down in interior parts for sale. If you haven't gotten a handle on your old one.
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