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Gonna need some help!

Checked the red 73 today and there was nothing on the inside, but it has power brakes. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not.


OP's car has a much later MC.

Distribution valve should be on the frame, under the MC.

Does the car have a fender tag?

One of the first codes should be "Bxx" where xx= the type of brakes.

Exx Dxx Bxx

Engine, Driveline (transmission), Brakes

As mentioned before, make sure you have correct prop valve . Then put in a 7/8 bore master or add a power brake booster. Pedal travel will increase with a small bore master.
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I have a 73, and my proportioning valve is mounted on the firewall in the engine bay, in addition that's a later master cylinder used on late 70's and 80's mopars. All so make sure you have the right master cylinder, they are different for manual and power brakes. Someone did changes that may not be right, do your homework on the internet or YouTube!
Thanks! 1st pic is under the dash! Why plumb rear from MC to something under the dash? Actually I probably need to get the right MC ? Any recommendations?

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I'm thinking it's a lineloc like was mentioned...Is that an old roll cage welded in to the right (in the picture) of your MC? Looks like an old drag car.
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