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Good set of hose clamp pliers?


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Apr 30, 2012
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Who makes a good sent of hose clamp pliers for spring clamps? I have a set with the cups on the end, and they totally suck, think I got them for a Christmas present! LOL Can anyone recommend a good set that wont allow the spring clamps to slip?

any of your tool company's imagesCAV04N4M.jpg carry them auto part stores and sears

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Wow! Pricey from sears! Do you have experience with these, do they work on the single wire type hose clamps?
yup and I still have a pair of pliers that I cut to make a pair from back in the 60`s

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Corbin clamp pliers are the name I think for the OE clamps on our cars
all the tool company's make several types and the prices vary cheap to out of this world ,go to a automotive part store they will have a cheap set hangin on the rack
Already have a cheap set, the kind in the picture above, and they aren't worth a hill of beans, constantly slip off the clamp, in the trash is where they will be going shortly!!!!!
I'll try and get a pic up today of the set I have...they look like a basic set of pliers, with notch in ends for the spring clamps

Try ebay.

Prices are WILD in range.

I bought a used Astro at a swap meet for $10, but the guy had new ones for $25.


These have literally changed my life.

I now LOVE spring clamps and HATE screw clamps!

On newer cars, it's often impossible to complete some jobs without these.

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There is a bit of a "learning curve", and for me, a somewhat non-intuitive holding position (finger on release instead of thumb), but once you get it, you get it.
yup and I still have a pair of pliers that I cut to make a pair from back in the 60`s

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I think my brother could give you a big arugement over these. Everytime he use's them, he always cussing up a strom that they don't work right.
Well, I ended up going to sears looking for a pair, and actually found a nice pair of channel locks that have nice deep teeth, and tested them out in the store, and they work great. I needed a new set channel locks anyway, plus I had discount points and got a set of craftsman for 5 bucks!
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Funny this came up, I just got done researching the same thing. The correct pliers can be found on ebay in 6" or 8". That said I have successfully used a set of knipex cobra pliers but ordered Snap-on p/n's HCP48BP (8") and #HCP46BP (6") after using a pair at a friend's shop.

Make sure that you position the corbin clamp as close to the lip on the water pump housing and thermostat housing to get a good pinch. These clamps are famous for leaking, especially on the lower hose.
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