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Goofy ad in MCG


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Jul 15, 2009
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Anyone else see something odd about this ad in the latest issue of Mopar Collecters Guide?

With a 70 GTO in the add wtf ?

(nice GTO but it's no MoPar)
Another backhanded insult at the Mopar folks. It never ends.....:rolleyes:
I used to have one of them thar Hemi-eye diesel Plymouth GTO cars.... ran like 10-second quarters from the factory. :jackoff:
Diversity hire in marketing, they were close as they were only off by one letter.....
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Saw that. At first glance I thought it was just an ad for a multi-make parts place like Year One or National Parts. Then I realized it was an Auto Meter ad targeted straight at Mopar. Pretty dumb thing to do.
I took a MP water temp gauge to them for repair. A week later they E-mailed me that they could not do the repair and suggested a similar gauge for replacement. I declined and
my gauge was sent back to me.


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C'mon guys, it's pretty obvious that that particular GTO identifies as a Challenger!
I think I figured out where the ex-marketing genius from Bud Light ended up working...
As a long time Subscriber all i can see is the Magazine is Shrinking. It has become thinner. If they removed the free ads they wouldn't have too much left. I will continue to subscribe,one year at a time. It is the Only Mopar Mag.still in print.
At one time I was a subscriber. Not now as that rag has been plummeting downward as the content is no longer reliable. Rob is a jerk...Always has been!!! cr8crshr/Bill :usflag: :usflag: :usflag:
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