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Great guy Alert !


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Oct 26, 2017
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Don Frelier is the great guy ! He has shared blood, sweat, tears, and his invaluable knowledge with me for the past 6+ years.
Being totally honest, my car would never have gotten done without him. I had a couple low points where I ran out of motivation, but his passion for these cars jump started me to continue.
I cannot thank him enough. He is my friend and Mopar Mentor !
Thanks Don ! I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!
Don is a solid guy all the way around :thumbsup:
I can attest to his willingness to help personally as well.
In fact, he was THE VERY FIRST fella here on the site to PM me when I first joined. He was offering suggestions for a mechanical issue I was working on at the time.

Here's to you Don…
Well there was some blood, very little sweat and no tears.
(There's no crying about Mopar's)

I stayed home from work this morning as I didn't feel well.
But I'm feeling better now.

Besides who doesn't want to get a 71 Charger running?
Well done Don, you've helped me over the years also.
Although it might have been under the radar reading your posts and gaining your insights and knowledge.
Can't thank you enough too.
My ride is better with some of your info in it !!
It has been 3 years but I think it was Don that stepped up and helped me when I was in a spot trying to find a camshaft for Jigsaw. He put me in touch with his brother who had a used MP cam with the lifters kept in order.
It still runs great.
I agree with the OP, Don is a helpful guy. Thanks to Don and to the OP for shedding light on a great member of this forum.
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