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Greetings from Portland, Oregon


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Aug 25, 2023
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Portland, OR
I am new and wanted to introduce myself. I have had a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 since around 1990. It was originally forest green with black stripes and a rear spoiler, mud flaps, hood locks, heavy duty transmission, power steering, etc. but it was once wrecked and has some bondo issues on the rear quarter I need to get addressed somewhere around here. It has bee painted badly flat black with gold stripes, but was a NM car and did not rust like the ones out here. It has since sat outside and needs some TLC. I once bought a 440 Magnum engine to be used as a spare while the original takes a rest and am now having it rebuilt but have found out about the camshaft and lifter issues some are having with today's oil. I had old parts that I bought new when I planned for the restoration, but buying a house put that on the backburner, so am now excited to complete my project. I used to wrench on cars but still don't have a garage at my house... Would love to get in touch with others about who to have body work done and paint. Also am on the lookout for adjustable rocker arms for my solid cam. This is a resto but I had the cam already and don't trust the new stuff so much. Still has the original exhaust!

I am a mopar fan since high school and have had a '67 Sport Fury with a 383 Commando, Whip antennae, dual exhaust, console, vinyl top, green/dark green, 4bbl. carb, 80,000 original miles when I bought it, and got tiger stripe seat covers that really set it off. Those old C bodies are what some sheriffs would use and I would get pulled over a lot without getting a ticket so the cop could check it out. I rebuilt the carb with NASA needle valve from some company in Florida, had the leaf springs re-arched, and got a valve job done on the heads when I changed the cam out for a mild Sig Erson just cuz. It really purred on the highway with those glasspacks that came with the car. Best $800 I ever spent. Also had a tan/brown '68 Extra Long Van with a 318 that was all beat up but my friend bought it for me for $50! Just needed a battery and had a vacuum leak. Those were the days. Back in high school in the 80's I read all the mags and would hunt down muscle cars that I did not have enough money for including a Hemi Road Runner from around 69 that was all restored except paint and interior for 10K. My dad scoffed and I like to show him what they are worth now. I almost bought another charger R/T, 383 Magnum, a 68 I think, that I called the Brown Hornet, like the Bill Cosby cartoon. It had a brown paint job like that with bright yellow accents, but It looked stock and the interior was in really good shape. 4 on the floor for $2500 when gas was cheap, 1988. Shoulda coulda woulda

Welcome from Illinois!! Always like to see pics of works in progress so post a few of your R/T . . .
Welcome from across the river in Brush Prairie. I wish I could give you a good body and paint guy but everyone around here wants a small (or large) fortune. Please let me know if you find someone good!
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
Your avatar makes me think of Mark Hamil's character in "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back".
Spelling errors in screen names.....


There are a few others here with misspelled screen names too. I even tried to help one of them by telling him through a private message but he got all pissed off and blocked me!