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"Half Ounce" won't be down for breakfast

These "rappers" seem to have a short lifespan. That's good news!
The problem, of course, is the idolization of such characters in our common young persons' society...
with all that leads to (and has led to already).
I don't understand it...
I don't want to, either.
Fixed it for ya...

You're welcome... Chuck (snook)
Supposedly that trend of wearing their pants like that started in prisons as a way for one prisoner to let another prisoner know that he was available for sex! You wouldn't think that anyone would want to walk around in public like that!

Didn't Care Yesterday.jpg
But wait! This has to be fake news-it couldn’t possibly happen in a state that has the strictest gun control in the US!
Why is this news anyway?
O'Brien? Must be one of those "dark Irish" we have heard about?:eek: