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Harmonic balancer re-install inquiry


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Sep 19, 2023
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I cannot seem to locate a picture of the 100’s I took when dissembling my car of the engine and harmonic balancer order of assembly. There is a flat metal disc that I believe goes between the balancer and the block. Don’t know direction(side to face block) or if this is in the correct location altogether. Pic of part attached


Timing chain oil slinger. Goes between damper and lower gear. Hope you don't have the cover on yet...Some don't use them some do. If you leave it out and have a front seal leak you'll probly wish you had put it in.

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The oil slinger goes on in front of the crankshaft timing gear with the outer lip facing towards the front of the engine. You have to install it before you put the timing cover on. It helps keep the oil away from the front seal.
They quit using them for a reason. They were not needed. Small blocks as well as big blocks used them. If not using them caused leaks then all motors built with out them should of leaked. They did not. So run it or leave it out its your choice.
I think I’ll run it. As for my build I’m trying to stay as close to from factory as possible.
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