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Headlight motor brackets and limit switches


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Apr 30, 2014
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Hope I can add pictures, Can the round mounting piece be removed from bracket ? and does anyone know which limit switch is for 1966? CHARGER 008.jpgCHARGER 009.jpg
That round piece should slide off the bracket if I remember correctly.
The limit switch on the right is the correct switch.
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I may not understand, both only have 2 wires, just different plugs, am going to use the one on the right as it matches the wiring harness..........Not a numbers matching car etc., just wanted to know...I have been drenching the headlight motor mount so far no movement at all from the bracket :-( thanks Ken :)
Ahhhh...I messed up. Not 3 wires in the limit switches, sorry I had headlight motors on the brain. Yes the one on the right is for '66 and left is a '67.

I might have an extra bracket around if you need one.

This is what it should look like.

don't ferget, there is a left & right limit switch

I got brackets and "round" thingys if needed
Thanks for the reply, may need to buy some of the parts you offered. Have to paint all of the brackets etc., would rather remove the round pcs than tape off etc., But not if gonna wreck the parts. So will keep spraying with penetrating oil. May need advice abt limit switch correct as far as left vs right etc, as all parts were in a heap in trunk. Going to try to rig a jig to hold up entire headlite assembly to test before installing on car>months and months away though. Body completely stripped, waiting on body steel etc., So glad a friendly forum and members are helpful thanks Ken :)
Where you at in Iowa Ken? I'm in south central MN right along I-90.
limit switches will only fit one way on the bracket for mounting
I am in SE Iowa, just off Hi-way 61 North of Burlington abt 12 miles.................getting ready to test radio etc., see it only has 1 red wire, the two that go to speaker and the white for light...Can I just get 12 volts to red and ground radio for testing ? Unfortunately the push buttons do not change stations, knob does work....I did pull them out to set etc., the indicator tries to move somewhat....did take the top cover off and can see what looks like should be the actuator or at least part of it..........You have any knowledge in that area ? Also have two clocks, any "fixers" on this site ? thanks again Ken
Not much help on the radio. Mine needs work too.
On the clocks, '66 and '67 are different. Post up a pic of what you have.
You can send them to JC Auto Restorations in WA. Jeff works on clocks.


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