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Headliner replacement. What parts do i need?


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Apr 22, 2014
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Hello all! I just picked up a 74 charger that came with a new headliners from classic industries. the previous owner took the old liner out, so its just ugly metal up there now.

my question is, do i need a "board" to install my headliner to? the only headliner components i have are the headliner itself folded in a bag, and some metal poles that were laying in the back seat.

does anyone have some pictures of a headliner job that they can share with me? i think i may also put some sound deadening material on the inside of the roof first will there be enough room?

thanks so much

I know everyone loves pictures, so i'll take some tonight and ill post
Do yourself a favor let a pro do it for you. It will look better if you do.
hey thanks for the link Red72. maybe if i can get it done cheap enough, i'll pay someone. otherwise i'll try it myself.
hey thanks for the link Red72. maybe if i can get it done cheap enough, i'll pay someone. otherwise i'll try it myself.
I got a quote of about $500 so I decided to give it a go. Took the better part of a day with some help from my son. It turned out pretty good, at least for my daily driver.
I have done a few myself now. Agreed, to cheap to pay someone else $500 to do it. I laid them over the roof in the sun for a few hours first used the 3M adhesive, some small paper binder clips to hold it along the drip edges, hair dryer to help remove wrinkles and a lot of pulling and tugging. Not that hard to do.
Well since it's back... lol.. I paid a "Pro" in 1988 to do mine. I did it myself this round and I'm fairly certain that I did a better job since I cared not to F it up!
These forums are a gold mine of information! I'm on C bodies too. Restoring my wife's '65 sport fury.
Thing is this old dead thread, the last time the OP was seen was 2014......doubtful he will be back or chime in as to what was done.....It is just comical that a post comes five years later, from a poster here, like it was just yesterday.....

Your speaking to the choir about the gold mine of information here....that’s putting it lightly.....
Was just looking into this the other day. Tired of looking of my bare metal roof. I think I'm going to wait till I have new carpet and new rear leather seat cover ordered. That way everything can come out and I can give it a go without any obstructions.

Rather than bug people I use the search function and sometimes I forget to look at the last post date. Done my fair share of revivals !hellelujiah! :lowdown: