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Hello from Tennessee!

Okay guys, here are a few pics, as requested, and as promised.
I bought this one about 15 years ago or so. I had just sold my original 69 and had severe withdrawals. I would wake up in the middle of the night kicking and screaming. Ok, it wasn't quite that bad, but close. I found this one and bought it immediately. It's not nearly as desirable toe as my original, but it filled the void.
This one is a clean slate that I can do whatever with, it has no fender tag, and I fear that I may not find a buildsheet due to some previous owner swapping out the original interior for 68 ( basically, seats & dash faceplates). It seems to be originally a forest green metallic car with black interior and vinyl top. It has a 383 magnum and a console shifted 727. It is pretty solid car from Oklahoma, but does have some battle scars. It is currently in "as I bought it" condition. Previous owner peeled the vinyl top off, painted the car red, and painted the top white along with the tail stripe, hood indentions, and that ugly stripe on the nose. Not sure if they had a hard time reading the emblems and thought they said Camaro. Ugh!






Thanks nodust. It need some attention. And if all goes as planned, it will get some this summer.
Welcome from Florida. Grate solid car. Just needs a little make over. Enjoy it.
Thanks blue69rinner! I totally agree, it definitely needs a makeover! First plan of attack; get it home & get it running and driving.
Oops!! I have noticed that someone already had a "Hello from Tennessee" posting on here. I guess I'm not very observant, or original! Sorry about that guys!
Welcome from up here in The Mitten. I’m groovin that paint job just the way it is, heck, I might even suggest to get her going and leave that as is for now! I hoping for a very productive summer for you and your Charger, glad to have you with us!

So many transplants coming to our fair state these days....what part ya moving to?
And yes:
We're in the southeast corner. We're a half an hour from Georgia, and I can see North Carolina from my house. Been here about 2 years. I love the South, and the bible belt.
Welcome Neighbor!!! I'm on the West side.