Help Identifying KH86166 Calipers


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Mar 31, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ
I have two calipers that came off my 71 Super Bee. Both are marked KH86166. These are Kelsey Hayes, but I don’t know if they are 1971 or another year.

Below the KH # is a “312” on one, and “197” on the other. Above the KH is a faint stamping, which I think is the date code. One says “3 40 1 2”. The other says “2 30 ?2” (I can’t make out the digit where I’ve placed a question mark). Don’t know how to read these date codes, maybe someone on here does?

These calipers were restored by Karps. I did not inspect the pins before shipping to Karps. They told me one caliper pin was bent and that they straightened it. I should’ve inspected the pins months ago when I got the calipers back. Today, I discovered one of the pins is bent. Some of the others are chipped. These pins have 9/16” hex heads.

I want to order a set of the correct pins for these calipers. If they are 71 model calipers I want to order the entire set of 71 pins, positioners, etc. I’ve read that the 70 & 71 pins are supposed to have 3/8” hex heads. And that 72 pins have 1/2” hex heads. I don’t know what size hex heads are on 73/74 pins. I am guessing maybe they are 9/16” like the pins that came off my calipers. These 9/16” hex head pins had no positioners or anti-rattle springs on them.

Without a parts manual, like some of you guys have, I’m lost with identifying things. I’ve just been googling KH86166 all evening, and haven’t been able to pinpoint a year for it. Maybe that part number spans more than one year.

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