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Hole in cylinder wall.


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Apr 17, 2022
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Richfield, WI
It's been awhile since I've been on here but as everyone knows life just gets in the way of things you really want to do sometimes. I've finally started the resto on my 69 charger 500. Got the seized motor pulled out 5 hours ago and spent the rest of the time pounding pistons out with my buddy. Don't know which one of us did it but the bar we were using slipped and put a hole (and I mean HOLE) in the #5 cylinder wall. I am absolutely devastated at the moment. Is this repairable or did we just kill my numbers matching block?
Sleeves are you friend here.

next time soak it in vinegar, it will eat the rust and the pistons so they will come out easier.
So the hole is not as big of a deal as I was thinking? Would the hole need to fixed before sleeving?
Shouldn't need to as far as strength goes. The cylinder will get bored out to the sleeve size, leaving a shoulder at the bottom for the sleeve to sit on, then it gets hammered in and finish honed. In fact in this link, they completely removed the inner cylinder walls on this hemi block so you can see the water jacket.
I have never seen that before where they remove the inner cylinder walls completely like that. Thats crazy. Thank you guys for putting my mind at ease about this. That article was a great help.
10yrs. ago I bought a 400cyclone [454] mercruiser motor off a guy that was converting to outboard! he had it stored in his shop and loaded on the trailer night before delivery and delivered it to my shop! when I arrived back at the shop and examined the motor I noticed a frost plug missing. looking in the block I could see a piece of the cylinder was missing about 2" dia,but couldn't see the piston! realized the cylinder had been sleeved so I contacted the guy explained what the situation was and we agreed on a different price!
took my chance with it put it on the engine stand and fired it up ran good with no leaks! put in my sons blazer and he ran the crap out of it for years! done right sleeves are fine,never had to tear it down,may have had more than one sleeve
in it!
So the hole is not as big of a deal as I was thinking? Would the hole need to fixed before sleeving?
Make no mistake here - "ventilating" a cylinder in the numbers-matching engine of a rare as
hens' teeth '69 Daytona was a bonehead move of the highest order. :)
"A man's got to know his limitations...." - Harry Callahan
You'd best hustle that block on over to a good machine shop for consultation now.
They'll let you know if it can be salvaged.
Good luck!
When freeing stuck motors soaking and using blocks of wood are your friend....
It looks like Home Depot latex house paint.
Dye check red dye then wipe it off spray on white developer. Used where I worked to check for cracks. They cast 1/2" thick phosphor bronze and made it in to a 12k or 13k coil . They'd check for small cracks where it was bent.
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