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    Mar 25, 2016
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    '68 Coronet with AC. How many fan speeds should there be? The fan switch has

    1) All the way out seems to be off (fan does not run)
    2) Low speed
    3) Higher speed
    4) ? The switch seems like it could go further but is mushy and feels like something will break if I push any harder
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    If everything is off and the off button is pushed down, it will only go about 3/4" If you then push either of the A/C buttons or the heat or def button, it will pull the off button back up and you will get low fan speed. That is what the fan speed is at when all the way up. Your fan switch should have two detents after that.
    The first detent will be medium speed and the second one will be high speed. To answer your question, there is 3 fan speeds.
    To test it, start by all slide buttons up.
    Turn ignition on.
    1. push off button.
    2. push A/C button. That should pull the off button back up and turn the blower on low.
    3. push fan button to 1st detent. should hear fan ramp up.
    4. push fan button to second detent. should hear fan go to high speed.
    If that don't happen, your fan blower motor may be tired or the blower motor resister has failed.
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