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Indy. We were pretty good, got beat when we good, then I was bad


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2:33 PM
Feb 16, 2010
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waterford mi
Indy started with thoughts of great weather and low ET's. Thursday head winds were up to 15mph. We run 9.11, 9.10 not great. On to Friday we have to declare index with-in 30 minutes of Q1. Car spins with a 1.40 60ft, we run 9.13. Do we go back to 9.25? nah we'll stay on 9.0. Make a rear shock and tire pressure adjustment. Swap jets from 92 to 94. Q2 it runs 9.013. Now were getting somewhere. Rd 1 of the F/X shootout .003 r/t 9.008 on the brake, perfect. Rd 2 I'm in a little deep. Cautious on the tree. .044r/t 9.008 on the brake. Both runs would've been above 9.00 as well. So we are damn close. Rain comes rd 3 well be Saturday morning. Now were on a green track first out at 9:30am. Running against Casey Fauss Johnsons "Whompin Wedge" He's been 8.80 this weekend. We are both running 9.0. My plan is to dump him at the stripe. But instead to my amazement I'm slightly ahead the entire way. No way he is pacing me. We are set very close to 9.0. I knew I had the tree and at the finish I have just under 2 feet of stripe, so no dump. my .027 8.988 to his .035 8.989. And yes the winner gets a bye to the final. We have Q3 left to get into the Allstar race. Currently the #14 qualifier is .009 off their index. We get in with a 9.006. Rd 1 against tough guy Tom Hoffman. Many time Victory N/SS champ. I've had very good success against him. Today was his turn. .009 8.996 against his .009 10.518 on a 10.50 index. Sunday. I blew it .-025 red. To make matters worse every run I've had lately the opponent is damn close. Here he has a .104 pac. And the winner gets a bye into rd 3. Disappointing to say the least. But the car was very good. My lights were very good. see attached sheet. Any runs marked in red in "see it" were on the brake and modified to reflect a full throttle run.

indy runs.png

indy casey me.png

indy hoffman me.png
Well Doug, there's always next time. If you win all the time you might get sloppy!
No pictures? I always hope for fellow FBBO member cars when I see titles like yours. It helps me work harder towards making my own.
Looks like you are getting back to form.
Too bad we’re closing in on the end of the season.
Doug,was at Norwalk on Friday for ‘Street Outlaws’. Tried a stopwatch on iPhone and got a 4.08 on 1/8 mile. Those guys are very approachable when u pick the right time. Saw a ‘Penske racing shocks’ decal, so asked ‘Doc’ about it.
Told him Roger signed my paycheck for 30yrs. He said, the shocks worked great & he talks to a lot of Penske employees.
Everyone running Rossler trans w/o any shields. Gave me the chills.
WOW….. you guys are impressive Doug! Tight packages! .00’s and Dead-X’s in a class that makes you pick a number and get to it all day with zero electronic help. Kudos to you and the like.