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Interior color change


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Nov 13, 2021
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Good morning. Has anyone done a change of interior from another color to white? What did you do with the dash and center console? E.g. left it original color? Also, did you change the seatbelt webbing color?
I’m looking at shifting my interior and have seen some cars where everything but the steering, console were changed. Thanks.
What do you have now and what do you want?

I swapped to white seat upholstery and upper door panels and left the rest F6 green.

Came out nice IMO.

Certain years had a white seats and/or door panel option with black dash and carpet.

Some years could be white with body (or other) color dash, carpet and maybe parts of the doors.
I have a '68 Newport convertible with a black vinyl interior. Since the upholstery needs changing I will make it white, and dye the door panels white too. I have a red translucent steering wheel that I would like to use too but it needs refurbishing when I have enough spare cash. I will change the dash, carpet, and kick panels over to maroon so it's ready for that wheel.
Tried to find an example in red but you get the idea:
What kind of car are you working on? What colors does it have now? Show us some pictures of what you are talking about. White interiors usually have black carpet, dash and console, I think.
Thank you all for the input. I’m working on a 73SE Charger. The entire interior is originally blue except the center console which was black. The plan was replace with all white interior upholstery and panels. The A pillar will be painted white and match the white headliner. I got a new dash - in came in black - as the original was all cracked. The steering wheel, dash, and console is where I’m wondering it should be painted white to match.

There was a seller on the forums with a 72 Charger where the interior had been switched out to white except the three items mentioned also. Thanks again for your feedback and comments!
71-74 "white" interior was actually white with black dash and carpet.