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Isky ductile iron rockers

the third version which is probably what your catalog shows came out around the early 90's looks like it's a reboxed Crane rocker except it has Isky cast into the body

I actually got a set of the reboxed Cranes…….that had “Crane” cast into them.
Many years back...
I installed Isky adjustable rockers on my 383 and had to mill down the tabs too get the proper lineup.

Just my $0.02...
Here are mine……. Narrowed to Crane width…….. and lightened a bit.
I couldn’t see the point in that big knob way out at the valve tip.



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I have a couple sets of Isky rockers from the 70’s. I recall them needing some work as stated to get them centered on the stems. Last refresh, tried a set of H Sharp. Needed a bit of work also. Try your best to get it right the first time, then relax and enjoy your ride.
Yup, need to modify the hold downs with the Isky rockers. I also like to use spacers and ditch the springs and like what you did to the rockers @PRHeads

Had a 10.60 car that saw 7300 on every pass and the Iskys did just fine with a .660 lift roller cam. Now a days a .660 lift cam isn't all that big but it was 40 years ago lol. Geez, been that long ago already.
I had a look in my 1978 Isky catalogue & the pic looks exactly like the ones the OP has.
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