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It was a great weekend racing, then it wasn't


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6:26 PM
Feb 16, 2010
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waterford mi
Running GLSSA at 131 Motorsports Park. Car was great. 60ft s within .005.. My entire family surprised me. Sons, daughters laws, grand kids, their inlaws and some friends all showed up as well. 131 is 150 miles from my house. A great cookout and even watched NHL playoffs outside Sat night during the rain with a camp fire. Qualified #9 . Had a terrific match up in rd#2 against Brad Zaskowskis SS/H 67 Nova. He hadn't lost a rd in 3racces and was the points leader. There was a $100 bounty on his head. Double breakout. Got him by .0003. Went to the semis 5th rd. Car slowed .04? Then it dropped .10 on the #3 1/8 th mile bracket pass. We checked fluids, throttle opening, oil, coolant , timing, dist cap, vacuum, fuel pressure. Nothing. Then it stalled on the way up to the 4th rd. Found the MSD ground loose. Fixed it and staged. Bad vibration from the motor right after the leave. Well the picture tells the story.
Sorry to see that….
If you're not breakin' stuff you're not tryin'. I know you'll get it back together in no time. Do you have another block ready?
THATS RACING!!!! sorry to see that. ruffcut
Oh No!! :(

Mopars don't break!!! (most of the time anyway).
You'll get 'em next time too!
It is a blessing when the family hangs with you tho. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
that's messed up

sorry to see & hear that...
Ouch. We want pictures of the autopsy though. Morbid curiosity.
Motor is out, pan is off. #3 rod journal was hot. Broke #3 rod. #3 and 4 rod and piston are trashed. Pan needs repair. Don't know if the block can be repaired. Its a Mega block. New blocks are $5000-$7000. So far cam and lifters look OK. Might have bent a couple valves. It was leaving really good.

Sorry to hear it send us the autopsy results please not being rude.. looked like a great launch ! I hope the block can be repaired! Best of luck!
Very sorry to hear/see the bad news there. Your car just drips with BadAss Awesome-ness (look it up-there's a pic of the car in the definition).
Really hope to see it back in action soon.