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Jet Air Dryer Debris In My Carburetor!

Mopar John

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Jun 1, 2013
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After over 50 years of drag racing I thought I had seen it all!
Last weekend we were down at IRP for a Saturday night race.
It rained hard in the morning and when the gates opened at noon there was a lot of water in the pit area.
When they got done drying the track they had a vacuum truck picking up water in the pits.
Then they brought out the jet air dryer and were trying to dry and or blow it where the vacuum truck could pick up the water.
I noticed a bunch of pit area marbles all over my drag car after they went by.
With the car positioned to where some of this could have gotten into the hood scoop I decided to take the hood off and check.
When I took the hood off I heard a few of the marbles fall out.
Then when I looked down in the carburetor I saw 3 of them laying on top of the butterflies!
I wrapped some electrical tape around a screw driver and was able to get them out.
I have attached a picture of the 3 pit marbles that made it all the way into the carb!
So if your pitted or parked in an area where they use this type of equipment beware!

I always run with an air cleaner.
Car actually performs better with it on...
I always run with an air cleaner.
Car actually performs better with it on...
With a scoop and accoutrement I could see it.
Muscle car with a flat hood.... not so much
The carb only needs to be open when you run it. Injectors, velocity stacks, hood scoops all have covers available.
I do have a cover for my scoop. But it was close to the time for my class call.

This is not a problem that I have to solve.
I just wanted to put it out there as an awareness item for others.
I have been to tracks where cars are parked along the track.
This type of equipment is used more on track than in the pits.
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Be aware parking in front of the staging lane area, even way back
when jet cars are running too
I was at Sacramento raceway with my 23 Altered with Crower stack injection
when not running it has tennis balls in it & screens down inside the stacks
them freaken' diesel spewing f-cks stirred up a ton of sand & rubber & lil' pebbles
"marbles as you called it"
While doing burner pop freaken' poser **** for exihibition
(I really don't like jetcars if you can't tell)

I was several hundred feet away, back around a turn in the staging lanes mind you,
not directly even in the path
I was walking back to get suited up & put my boots & jacket/helmet on etc.
Had 1st call for S/E 7.90 class, I just so happened to look down, saw
looked like next to the rubberish-balls (covering the stack openings)
& a crapload of sand
Thankfully it was stopped from entering
I had a leather fitted cap I put over it sometimes too, especially when dusty/windy
for some reason didn't that time...
One of my buddies there helping me ran back & got the dirt devil from the trailer
& vacuumed & used a wet shop towel after around all the rubber- balls
before we took them out, to prime it & fire up the car
being really careful to not let any sand or debris ****/pebbles get down
even to the screens...
Thank goodness no big deal... won my round too

Needless to say I was sort of pissed, got me out of my routine
1st & only time I know of it happening to one of my cars, in like 35+ years

sorry shity photo
Budnicks 23 T Ford Altered Crower Inj. #1.JPG

Budnicks 23 T Ford Altered Crower Inj. #2.JPG
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Thanks for your reply with another example of something to be aware of.
I have been at tracks where they have those things just before the start of eliminations.
Like you say we are lined up right behind that action taking place!